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Day 3 - Mityana Secondary School

In the morning, we went to Mityana Secondary school. First, we went to the headmaster’s office where we were greeted by the two deputy heads as the head wasn’t there. Then, we got led to a small room where we waited for our buddies. At the beginning, all of the buddies were really shy but towards the end became more confident around us. They were all very friendly and they took us to a room where we filled in a sheet about them and ourselves.

Our buddies took us for a tour of their school which was a lot different to our school because the classrooms were separate buildings spread around the campus. They were so excited to show us all the fruit and vegetables that they naturally grow and sell. They have recently won a competition which enabled them to buy more land where they can plant trees that assist the maize plants growth. As it’s a boarding school, we were fortunate enough to see their accommodation. We were interested to find that they sleep 30 people in a room. After the tour, we watched some older students sing in a music room and it was beautiful.

Overall, everyone’s best part of the day was an activity we did which was carrying water.   We walked with our buddies down to a spring on the other side of the hill with our jerry cans (20 litres). Then we filled them, this took ages, some filled them to the top and others did not! Then we headed back to MSS which was up a steep path (really steep) and slippery (really slippery) and our buddies were not allowed to help us and they laughed at how difficult we found it. Most people thought it was fun but tiring. We think it took about ¼ hour get there an up to ¾ hour to get back. Oscar was the last to come in with an arch or tunnel of students urging him on through the last bit to the finish line.

Supper was really good. We had spaghetti – some even said it was better than their mothers’! After that and a meeting it was time for bed...

Post written by Oscar and Keira