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Day 4 - Football and Ed's Birthday

We spent most of today at Mityana secondary school. We met up with our buddies in the morning and had our first lesson at Mityana secondary school. We joined the class halfway through on algebra which we found interesting. Our buddies said they would normally complete work out of a textbook with no teacher. Weirdly at the end of the lesson, teachers would walk out of the class and the students would stay where they were. The students still continue to work hard independently without the assistance of a teacher which was impressive.  Our next lesson was food technology however we were learning about fevers, shock and symptoms.   After this we had agriculture where they showed us how to use a knife, slasher and hoe. We learned how to prune banana trees and cut back weeds and grass.  After this we went for lunch and had matoki (boiled banana) with rice and peas, this was much better than the lunch we had the previous day at school. Next, we met our buddies again and we went to an RE lesson which happened to be taught by Mrs.Brooker and we did the Good Samaritan story. This lesson was very different for them so they enjoyed it quite a lot!

Lastly, we all went up to the field to play some sports but we all decided we would make a Team Uganda football team. In the first half we were 1-0 up but it was really hard to keep up stamina in the heat, so we were all became very tired quite quickly. Therefore, in the second half we were 5-1 down as they then put their best team out. After the match we thought it would be fun if we had a penalty shootout. Even Mrs Brooker, Penny Horner (Chair of Governors) and one of the Ugandan teachers, Benson had a go. Then, we went home on our very bumpy bus and had dinner. Before the day was out, we had a very noisy and competitive game of Uno.

Post written by Matt and Iona