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Day 5 – Kawoko Primary School

Before we even had breakfast, there was a happy birthday sign for Ed. We sang Happy Birthday (at least three times to him in the day).

Today we visited Kawoko Primary School. Firstly, we went into the staff rooms and had some tea and food which was lovely. After that we went into lessons and we looked around the classrooms which had about 40-50 pupils in each class. At break time, we took the children outside where we all held hands and taught them the hokey cokey. They didn’t really understand it but they seemed to enjoy it! Then we went back inside and played another game with them. After that we had to leave and get back on the bus. As we were leaving all the children were trying to give us all a high-five which was really cute.

Then we drove around to 7 different families in the community and looked around their houses and in return for their hospitality we gave them bags with soap, sugar, oil, salt and rice. They were really grateful for such small gifts and it was really humbling to see how they lived and how many people lived in each house.

After that we went back to the primary school and they gave us lunch, it was really nice and everyone enjoyed it. Then we all separated into smaller groups and each went into a different class to read the pupils a picture book and then do some activities about it. We read one class “Handa’s Surprise” and they already knew the story but enjoyed it anyway. Then we asked them different questions about what happened and we did an activity where they got to glue animals and fruits onto a sheet. They had never used glue before and were really excited about it.

After that we all sat outside to have an assembly. It was sort of run by the students and they sang us a few songs and danced for us. Then 14 students came over to us and brought us into the middle to dance with them. It was really fun. Then we sat back down and some different students came over and took us over to their school field. Then we planted trees with them and they told us they would look after them and send updates.

One family we visited had a woman who in her past had polio and because of that had lost her legs. She met us at the door and escorted us into her home. To get around she used her arms to carry the rest of her body. She seemed so thin.  Her nephew was with us on the visit and he also had sight problems. We gave them some small gifts (salt, soap, rice, oil...) and they seemed so pleased by the tiny amount and were so happy that we had taken the time to visit them.

The P5 class also taught one group of us how to make footballs out of banana leaves and skipping ropes. We had a really good day and Miriam the head teacher made us feel very welcome.

In the evening Ed had a huge cake (and another round of Happy Birthday). We all had a slice and Ed offered the leftovers to the staff.

Written by Emma and Charlotte