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Day 6 - Kindergarten and Vocational College

We all jumped in the bus at 8.45am and we headed off to the kindergarten. We were greeted by the whole school singing and dancing to us. Next, we separated into three groups and did activities like reading to them, colouring in and making bracelets for them. Then it was break time. We handed out balloons to all the children as they came outside and they all had a great time. Then, the whole team got a bubble bottle and blew bubbles for them. They were astonished as to what bubbles were and some of them even thought it would be a good idea to eat the bubbles; soon to be regretted however! Then, we had a snack and after that played a fun game with clothes and tennis balls with the kids. They had to dress up in clothes that were way too big for them and then they had to carry a tennis ball on a stick to the other end of the field and run back. Then we said goodbye and headed to the other school.

We then walked over to Afinnet college, which is a vocational school, to look around. We were taught how to make samosas which was very handy! The other half of the team painted the walls of the hair dressing classroom and then we swapped around.  After we finished painting, some of the girls showed us how to sew using the treadle sewing machine (that our grandmothers and great grandmothers used). Next we had our samosas for lunch with potatoes, pork, rice then we finished off the day with an international netball match. Dodie says: as with many other international games England did not win! Home to shower then and play Ed’s birthday game.

Written by Ben and Ruth

PS We have been set the task of a secret ‘random act of kindness’ for one of the members of the team. Gifts letters, surprises have been landed on doorstops, at the table, in the bedrooms and no one knows who they are from!