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Day 7 - Farewell to friends at Mityana Secondary School

We got up at 7:30 and left the hotel at 8:00 for our final day at Mityana Secondary School. The visit started with a class taught by Benson, the headteacher, about recycling where we learnt about how, in Uganda, they don’t waste anything and they even reuse leftovers from plants. Then we all made various items out of banana leaves. After that we went to a meeting with all the prefects at Mityana Secondary School and we all introduced ourselves. We all got into groups of three and baked something, with the help of other Mityana students who weren’t our buddies, but had chosen to expand on the engagement. Then, after lunch we made a poster with all our handprints on it, which every other Testbourne group has done since 2008. We had a farewell assembly where there were a few speeches and Penny Horner, our Chair of Governors, said thank you. We then met up with our buddies who came to England in February, and exchanged gifts. We gave them our presents, stationery, footballs, note books, biscuits, make up and jewellery. They were so grateful. Then we got presents from them – all hand made with notes on paper from their exercise books.  Then we all stood in a circle and ate a fried grasshopper (a favourite delicacy here) with the encouragement of our buddies, who also had one.

Later in the afternoon, we all split into groups of 4 and visited some of the students’ houses which was eye opening as they varied from very unfortunate to fairly wealthy. The house Ed visited was very poor and the girl was living with her Aunt as she had been abandoned by her mother and her father was dead. Despite her hardship, she still managed to offer us a watermelon, pineapple and five mangos. Grace went to a home with a piano and met a friendly older gentleman. After our visits we all retuned to the hotel at various times and played pool. We then went out for dinner and with a choice of chilli con carne with chips, rice or a wrap, vegetarian stir fry, chocolate brownies and lemon cake. We had tables that were drums and we played them. Over dinner we revealed who got who for the random act of kindness and 6 guessed it and 10 didn’t which meant it was a big success. We got home and played pool again then we went to sleep.

Written by Ed and Grace

P.S. from Dodie – the final sentence should not be taken literally... there was preparation for bed and a lot of talking which followed that.