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Day 8 - A visit to the disabled children's hospital

Today we went to the disabled children's hospital called Namutamba, when we arrived we were greeted with a song. We then had a tour around the hospital and saw the surgery room, plaster room, the over night dorms, physiotherapy room, toilets and showers. We then went to the garden where we saw the kitchen which was a shed. Then we headed a bit further down and saw all the animals including  pigs, cows, a cat and a dog. After this we saw the classroom which really felt like somewhere you would feel comfortable and welcome. The teacher was extremely nice and taught all ages. We then went back to hall where we were introduced to the teachers, some patients and volunteers from Germany. In return, we went up to the front so we could introduce ourselves. After this we sang a song where we all had to sing along and danced. The afternoon was spent making some handbags with the students and making bracelets from sweets which they were very confused about to start with. After we had lunch which was very lovely and included a soda (soft drink).

Before we left the Children's hospital, Ed gave a thank you speech which was well received by all. Back at the hotel we started packing away, Ed was still singing all the nursery rhymes and wouldn't be quiet.