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Day 9 - Travelling to Bamusuta from Mityana

Today we started by travelling from Mityana to Bamusuta.  After about an hour we stopped at Kibubula School because that is Overton Primary School's link school.  We had a look around and Dodie told us about the improvements that had been made, thanks to Fiona Wyeth and Overton Primary School’s efforts.  Then we set off again, travelling for another hour, finally reaching the church in Bamusuta, where we were greeted by all the children.  We had an amazing church service, during which we headed outside to do a fun task with the children. We told them a story and then made sheep, sticking shapes on outlines, and getting to know the children.  But it started to rain so we had to go back inside, where the children stuck the stickers on their faces instead!

Before leaving the church and going to our hotel for the night we had lunch with Canon John.  It was a feast full of many traditional dishes.  Once we had finished and said thank you, we went to our new hotel.  Half an hour after our arrival we had the most amazing tropical storm that we watched from our balconies.  The hailstones were as big as golf balls!  Afterwards, we played cards, uno and explored the hotel grounds.

Written by Charlotte and Evie