Pastoral Care

“Outstanding care, guidance and support underpin successful academic achievement and excellent personal development." - Ofsted 2010
“Students feel entirely safe and secure in the school." - Ofsted 2010
“Exceptionally good partnerships with other providers and agencies underpin…the excellent care, guidance and support." - Ofsted 2010

Pastoral care is strong at Testbourne and is overseen by the Assistant Headteacher who leads our Student Support/Behaviour team. This includes year leaders, support assistants, our special needs and gifted and talented co-ordinators and first aiders. Young people need to feel safe and secure in order to thrive academically and socially; our team works hard to ensure that this is the case and to help students and their families deal with problems if and when they arise.

It is really important that students know there is someone they can talk to if they need advice or have any worries – and our experienced Student Support/Behaviour team is there to provide a wide range of valuable support, including: social and behavioural matters, coping in the classroom, health and diet issues and even, sadly, sometimes bereavement.

We also benefit from a strong partnership from a number of outside agencies such as the School Medical Service, Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and the Education  Welfare Service. The school also employs a part-time counsellor and a personal advisor to provide advice at times of difficulty.

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