26th Apr 2021

Testbourne Health and Social Care

Testbourne Health and Social Care students have been actively working in the school environment to enhance their skills for when they get back involved in with the local community once restrictions are lifted. Once lifted, they will go back to visiting local preschools and integrating themselves in the early year’s framework, being a caring hand for local elderly people, living the life of a parent for a weekend and learning new skills and putting their primary care value skills to work. 

Our Year 11 students are currently using the COVID pandemic, and other significant life events, to demonstrate their understanding of how different people cope with unexpected life events and how they adapt to the change physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.  

Year 10 Health and Social Care students are practising their comprehension of ‘care values’ through roleplay, in preparation to re-joining the local residents of Whitchurch. They will talk and listen to a number of local residents, find out about their lives, their interests, keep them company and talk about the life at Testbourne Community School. The students are currently practising their age-related communication skills and ability specific games to help to get to know the older generation from the local community.  

Year 9 students have been putting their Health and Social Care knowledge to the test while actively displaying their understanding about the life stage: infancy. The Health and Social Care course runs a virtual baby programme to help students experience the roles and responsibilities of being a parent for a weekend. The students have been performing the basic and necessary care for a new-born, including activities such as feeding, changing and winding each Virtual Baby. They look forward to receiving their virtual score at the end of their weekend!