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Health & Social Care

Vision statement:

Health and Social care is a course that provides a stimulating learning environment in and outside of the classroom. Health and Social Care allows the students to relate their classroom learning to real life circumstances in our local community.  The course allows our students to build on their existing individual characteristics and learn new practical skills while working with professional people in places including nurseries, play schools, day care centres in addition to the internal Virtual Baby programme.  Our vision is to build confident, motivated learners who will learn traits and skills which will be invaluable in their future when working with people.

Staffing List 2019-20

Mrs O’Connell

Lead Teacher

KS4 curriculum

The course is comprised of three components of study over Years 10 and 11. The work is based around, 2 internally assessed pieces of work which involves a variety of written and practical coursework projects and 1 externally assessed piece of work in the form of an exam. As the course is based on practical experience, we also visit a variety of Health and Social Care settings both for observations witness statements and testimonials.

The units of study would be the following:

Explore- Human Lifespan & development 30% internally assessed

Develop - Health & Social Care Services and Values 30 % internally assessed

Apply - Health & Well being 40% externally assessed

Resources to support my child

BTEC Tech Award Health and Social Care revision guides, workbooks, and flash cards: ensure that you purchase materials for the correct course the BTEC Tech not the (BTEC Higher Nationals course). Opportunities to buy revision guides through the school are available to students and their parents early in year 10.

BBC Bitesize: ensure that students use content aimed at the correct level for their year and key stage related to food nutrition, biology and health..

TCS SharePoint – Students (Student Portal) – Subjects – Health and Fitness and Food Technology and the health aspect in Science will provide subject links to helpful resources for the each assessed component. Within these areas Students will find some useful resources particularly for component 3 revision, details of which will be communicated to parents and students at the appropriate time prior to their requirement. Students will need to use their school ICT username and password to access TCS SharePoint and Teams.

How can I support my child at home?

Encourage your child to read around the subject - looking at articles relating to public health in the news or reading interesting articles from publications such as the fitness and health industry are a great way for students to develop their understanding of Physical Intellectual Emotional and Social aspects of health (PIES).

  • Ensure your child is using their revision guide to prepare for unit tests and exams.
  • Check they are doing their homework, ask to see it.
  • Support your child if they are involved in the Virtual Baby programmes offering guidance and promoting patience and emotional support.
  • Encourage the weekly production of mind maps or revision cards, and completion of practice exam questions.
  • Students should make use of mark schemes to check any practice papers or exam questions they have completed so that they can identify where they have gained and lost marks - a great deal can be gained from unpicking questions and understanding what marks are awarded for.

Extra-curricular activities

The virtual baby program in year 10. 

Further information

For more details, please contact Dr Wilson, Head of Health & Social Care, at: