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Saskia’s Time-capsule

In Lockdown I have done lots of little things to keep myself, for example I have been doing a
lot more cooking and baking than usual. I have always cooked at home, however, since Lockdown I have done lots more and tried out new things. I have made a lotus cheesecake which was amazing, I made home-made chicken goujons with rice and Katsu curry sauce, banana cake, lasagne, and lots more. I chose to do this as I felt it would really help improve my skills for my Food Tech GCSE. In addition, I have been creative with repainting a set of Chester drawers and redecorating my bedroom and also the living room. I felt Lockdown was the perfect opportunity for this but also it kept me distracted from the stresses of school work and the world-wide crisis and also was nice to be able to have a nice freshly decorated room. As well as this, me and my younger sister have been trying to do a lot more exercise than usual but taking part in the online PE sessions with Joe Wicks, which we did 3 times a week. Joe Wicks was very motivating for us to be more active but also stress busting and by exercising made us have much more of a happy mind and fun which is much needed in a time like this. Lockdown has been boring to say the least, so I have to say I have been watching lots of Disney movies with my family. I have also been practising archery in my garden whilst training was been cancelled as I need to keep my technique strong so I can improve when shooting the longer distances. Finally, I have been on lots of walk during Lockdown; exploring Whitchurch and getting lots of fresh air.