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Girls Cricket: Year 7/8

On Thursday 23rd January, 9 students from Year 7/8 attended a cricket Tournament at Places for Leisure in Eastleigh. They had been placed into a draw with St Georges and Toynbee. Lottie captained the team and used her experience to lead the girls throughout each of the two games they played. She helped to decide fielding positions, bowling order and batting order. The girls pulled together and played as a team in both games.

Our first game was against St. Georges. Lottie won the toss and made a good decision to field first. Highlights of this match included Niamh showing off her accuracy skills by fielding the ball quickly and then, without hesitation throwing the ball directly at the wicket and managed to get 3 of the team out. Nina clean bowled one of the batters out and Emily who was in the Wicket keepers’ position whilst Lottie was bowling successfully caught the ball to claim another students out. The girls went into bat chasing 64 runs. They managed to reach 65 runs by the sixth over which was an incredible victory. Lottie, Nina and Emily had all retired during the innings because they had reached the maximum number of runs.

Game 2 was against Toynbee. This time we were put into bat first and Sophie stepped in to face the first ball batting with Lottie. Sophie reached the maximum before she retired handing over her bat to Emily who repeated the progress. Lottie shot a fantastic shot that scored her a ‘6’ before she was caught out. Niamh and Nina then came into bat and continued to gain run after run until the 8 overs were up. The girls finished with a solid score of 101. Toynbee came into bat and Testbourne girls took in in turns to bowl an over each.  It was brilliant to see Rosie and Amelie gain confidence and have a go at bowling in a pressurised situation. Both girls improved throughout their overs and should be proud of their achievement. The final score to Toynbee was 84 and this gave Testbourne their second victory of the day.

A fantastic afternoon, well done to all the team!