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African Choir perform to Year 7

An African choir from Uganda performed to the whole of Year 7 on Thursday 30th January as part of their tour of the UK. The King’s Kid Choir are a group of children from Uganda that travel the world for Christian evangelism and advocacy for the millions of orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa. It was an enriching experience for our Year 7 students who already learn about African music, history and culture at Testbourne.

Our students who went on the Ugandan Cultural Exchange visit in October had lunch with the children in the choir and shared stories of their time in Mityana, coincidentally, where the choir are from. Some of the boys were desperate to play football so joined in with our Year 11 boys outside on the playground. After lunch, they performed 4 songs and dances to Year 7 who were mesmerised by their energy, commitment and talent. Afterwards they introduced themselves and answered some questions from Year 7 where we found out about their passion for football and Arsenal FC and that their favourite food was KFC and their favourite place in the UK so far was Basingstoke! Please see some comments from year 7 on what they thought about the King's Kid Choir:

"I enjoyed the energy that radiated from the choir and the enthusiasm they put into it. The singing and dancing was loud and happy and just put a smile on my face."

"My favourite part of the incredible show by the King’s Kid choir was the interaction and energy and the way they connected as if one big family."

"I liked their costumes and was amazed at their dancing and that some could do front and back flips, especially as some were as young as 11 years old.”

We would love to thank Tiffany Wise who organised the visit by the choir and we would like to give our blessings and thanks to all the members of the King’s Kid Choir and their staff. If you would like to find out more about the choir or would like to donate to their charity, please follow the link below.