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Round 4 of The Testbourne Bakeoff

Round 4 of The Testbourne Bakeoff saw the remaining 10 bakers make 12 shortbread fingers.  Each finger had to have 8 pricks down the middle.  Sounds easy!  The bakers thought so too!

In fact it was quite a challenge.  The shortbread had to have a light, crumbly texture and a golden brown colour.  Traditional shortbread fingers are 1.5cm thick and 4.5cm by 10cm long and so the size was very important.  Although this was a challenge the bakers did really well and 10 batches of shortbread fingers were made.

Ellis was crowned star baker – well done Ellis!

We sadly had to say goodbye to Lacey Reynolds, Ollie Spinks and Miranda Burke.

The SEMI-FINALS are just around the corner with bread week and it’s another technical challenge.

…..who do you want to see go through to the final?!