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Gold CREST Award Winner

In a Testbourne first Elyse, Year 11, has been awarded a Gold CREST award for her project on Sustainable Living.

This award is only given for projects that have involved over 60 hours of independent research and study and usually for students over the age of 16, so this is a massive achievement.

Elyse’s project began back in Year 9 when she entered the Teen Tech Competition in a group with Mia and Lauren. Elyse then built on the success of this initial project to broaden its scope by researching the use of used tyres as a farming method of the future as well as a sustainable use of a waste product.

The judges were particularly impressed by the way Elyse tried to find alternatives when it became clear initial ideas were not workable.

Elyse was asked why she chose to complete this project. 

“I wanted to enter my sustainable living project for a Gold CREST because I wanted to research ways to reduce effects climate change, how to live healthily, and produce innovative solutions. I find it interesting learning about the impact of things such as livestock farming and landfill, and I think that these forms of pollution otherwise go unnoticed regardless of being big contributors. I used ideas from projects I worked on with close friends and thought it would be a good idea to develop and research them more.”

Well done Elyse – if you would like to see highlights of the project they can be found on the display board outside room 44.

Have you got an idea you would like to investigate? Fancy achieving a CREST award? Come along to Room 44 any Thursday lunchtime to find out more or see Mrs Romain or a Science Prefect for more information.