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Computer Science Cyber School

Lessons will be live-streamed on their channel at the times below.

The link for our live stream is:

If you're unsure what level of lessons is suitable for you, don't worry, all live streams will be available on YouTube later in the day, on-demand, so you can watch them all! Project work and needed links will be made available in the YouTube video description.

Daily Lesson Schedule 

(Streamed on YouTube Live)

10am GMT & 10am CT Beginner classes,  Ages 7-11

11am GMT & 11am CT Intermediate classes,  Ages 11-14

11am GMT & 11am CT Hacker-level classes,  Ages 14-16+


Week 1 | Beginner Classes, ages 7-11

Monday 10am: How Spies Send Secret Messages

Tuesday 10am: How to Hack a Chocolate Factory and Steal the Secret Recipe

Wednesday 10am: Scratch with Mr. Patch - How to Train Your Computer

Thursday 10am: Hide & Seek on the Internet

Friday 10am: How To Catch The Spy: Breaking Secret Messages


Week 1 | Intermediate Classes, ages 11-14

Monday 11am: How to Hack Your Parents, Social Engineering

Tuesday 11am: Hacking Into Cyber School, OSINT

Wednesday 11am: Hiding From the Hackers

Thursday 11am: Spy Codes: Sending Secret Codes

Friday 11am: Catching the Spy: Breaking Encryption


Week 1 | Hacker-level Classes, ages 14-16+

Monday 12pm: Lets Go! | Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Tuesday 12pm: The Black Box | Introduction to Kali Linux

Wednesday 12pm: Web App Attack Hack | Absolute Pwnage!

Thursday 12pm: The Oldest Hack in the Book | SQL Injection

Friday 12pm: Password Attacks | The Keys to the Kingdom