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Expedition Endeavours

Testbourne’s DofE group was out for the weekend of 17th and 18th October, with four teams of students, 22 in all, successfully completing their assessed expedition. Students walked across Hampshire countryside, carried camping equipment, set up camp at Pinsent Scout campsite near Winchester, and cooked giant pots of pasta and sauce! A campfire and some hide and seek provided evening entertainment, although COVID restrictions meant no overnight camping. After sleeping in their own beds (or for at least one student on their floor, to come closer to the camping experience), they returned on Sunday morning to cook breakfast and continue their expedition. Each group covered around 16-20 miles over the weekend, carrying full packs and navigating their own routes with map and compass. Weary students returned home on Sunday with aching feet and backs, but with a great sense of achievement. Well done to all the teams for a fantastic weekend.