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Computer Science Conference

A conference for Year 11 Computer Science students took place on Tuesday 5 March and kicked off with a very sticky situation as the students came together to produce an algorithm for making a jam sandwich. Emma, who gracefully took on the challenge, became a robust and co-operative computer who simply followed the commands. The 'sandwich' became a loaf, spread with jam on the side and a tub of butter placed on top!

Leading on from this the students broke out into groups with sessions to focus on writing pseudocode for a purpose, revisiting networks and IP layers, unpicking an extended 9-mark exam question and examiners’ feedback, before participating in a quick fire interactive revision quiz.

It was great to see all of the students working together in a purposeful, collaborative and enthusiastic way in order to meet a common goal. The skills developed will now be enhanced further during the forthcoming ELK and revision classes over the forthcoming weeks.