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Year 5 Experience days at TCS

We welcomed some very ambitious and courageous year 5 students from local primary schools on both Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July for our Year 5 experience days. On arrival, they assembled in the Theatre Hall and received a presentation, quiz and video about our school and learnt a song from ‘The Greatest Showman’ as well as finding out about our House system and learning qualities (respect, integrity, courage, ambition, responsibility, diligence, leadership).

Each Year 5 day saw students experiencing lessons in Science, PE and Art/Music at Testbourne and they got the opportunity to meet both staff and students. The theme was discovery and they certainly discovered something new about Testbourne as well as learning new skills and knowledge by the end of each day. Each student also received a Testbourne bag and pen and even earned house points for demonstrating a learning quality in lessons (in the form of stickers).

From the feedback we received, we are confident that the Year 5s had a great time and our student helpers from Year 9 demonstrated both leadership and responsibility brilliantly well and we’re incredibly helpful, caring and supportive. Please find below some quotes from the Year 5 students and some pictures from the days.


"I enjoyed everything about our science lesson because I don’t get to do it at my school. I discovered things about the planets in our solar system."

"I really enjoyed doing much more grown-up science and learnt lots about space and the planets in the solar system."

"I enjoyed doing science and all of the different experiments with space dust."

"The experiments were awesome, and the teacher was very nice!"


"I really enjoyed our co-operative team games that at certain times challenged me and I like learning things in this way."

"I loved how energetic everyone was and I really liked the hoop activity – it was so much fun!"

"I learnt a lot about my group and the activities were fun! The teachers and year 9 helpers were really nice!"

"I enjoyed playing human-tangle and meeting new teachers. I discovered new skills such as teamwork and collaboration."


"I enjoyed rubbing the paper off the tape because you got to discover a nice pattern."

"I discovered how to use plastic in art and how to use 3Rs. Also, I loved the teacher and found it very enjoyable."

"I discovered a new type of Art and it was very fun. It was my favourite subject."


"I made my first song and really enjoyed learning about the synthesizer."

"I enjoyed being able to make my own music using the iMacs and we learned about loads of things like the synthesiser, Theremin, whole tone scale and moog."