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Shake it Off! - The Secret of a Good Scone

Q: “What is the fastest cake in the world?......”  

A: "A scone!!"

It's been a week of scones this week, with yr7 learning about the rubbing in technique and how it shortens the gluten in flour which allows scones to have a crumbly texture.  Students have made fruit scones and really enjoyed using the oven for the first time.

Year 10 have been learning about the nutritional properties of fat.  To compliment this theory work, students have made their own butter and buttermilk which they have then used to make scones with flair as it utilises both ingredients….. anyone passing by room 33 would have seen students shaking their cream to the sounds of “shake it Off” by Taylor Swift!  So much fun (with a bit of baking and food science mixed in!)

- Mrs L. Edwards, Teacher of Food and Nutrition