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Medical Information

If a pupil becomes unwell during the school day, they should inform their teacher who will refer them to the Medical Room. If the pupil is not well enough to stay in school, we will contact parents (or emergency contact number if parents cannot be contacted) asking for the pupil to be collected and taken home. If it is an emergency matter, we may refer the pupil directly for further medical help, contacting a parent as soon as possible.

For pupils needing regular medication, this should be brought to the school office in its original container so that the pharmacy label shows the child’s name and dosage. NB. Antibiotics prescribed 3 times a day should not come into school, as this can be taken before school, straight after school and at bedtime. Parents of children on controlled medication should bring the medication to the school first aider/school office in person as these medicines will need to be signed for. (Please contact the school first aider for further details). This does not apply to sufferers of asthma or diabetes who carry their medication with them.

It is also requested that if possible asthma sufferers could supply a spare inhaler, clearly named and with a long expiry date, in case they forget to bring one into school.

The school has regular contact with the Visiting School Nurse. She offers in school:

  • a bookable appointment to see any pupil in confidence by request
  • immunisation for Year 8 pupils ~ girls HPV for protection against cervical cancer
  • immunisation for Year 10 pupils ~ tetanus/polio and diphtheria

Occasionally children in Year 7 and 8 may be called to take part in dental surveys representing a ‘cross-section’. Parents of those involved are always contacted by letter for consent. The first-aider will be pleased to help in any way and can be contacted at school.