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Physical Education

Staffing and Role:

Mr J. Smith

Head of P.E.

Mr K. Alderman

Teacher of P.E. / Head of Year 11

Mrs E. Vallance

Teacher of P.E.

Mr J. Lovegrove

Teacher of P.E. / Head of Year 10

Mrs N. Chewins

Teacher of P.E.

Mrs E. Parry

Teacher of P.E. and Dance

Mr T. Banks

Trainee P.E. Teacher

Vision Statement:

In Physical Education, students develop advanced skills and apply them to a variety of situations and sports; they lead their peers and take on roles and responsibilities to build character and resilience, and they are inspired to continue physical activity into later life.

KS3 Curriculum

Students will take part in a broad and balanced curriculum across year 7 & 8, activities include:







Table Tennis





In year 7 these activities are assessed through the display of different qualities; independence, organisation, teamwork, leadership and application of basic skills. Year 7 Curriculum map DOC is here.

In year 8 teamwork and leadership are still assessed. The grasp of tactical thinking, decision making and application of skills in competitive situations is now also assessed. Year 8 Curriculum map is here.

KS4 Curriculum

KS4 Curriculum

Students who wish to take part in a sport/physical activity-based examinable subject can opt to study AQA GCSE Physical Education from year 9 to 11. This looks at both practical ability (40%) and theoretical knowledge (60%).

In core PE, we offer a wide variety of activities that look at the different reasons for Sport & Physical activity. This brings in more recreational or fitness activities including the use of the schools fitness suite.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

We have a large number of extracurricular activities on offer through out the year which. We are enter into the local district leagues where we take part in leagues and tournaments in the following sports; Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Swimming & Table Tennis.

Useful Resources and Reading:

  1. VCERT


Quotes from Students:

“I like P.E. because of the roles we take on – it gives everyone a fair chance to take the lead and build confidence. I enjoy P.E. because of the involvement; they also give everyone information in a way they will enjoy.”

“I love P.E. because it is a great chance to try new sports and all of the teachers are so amazing. It’s definitely my favourite lesson.”

“I love P.E. – it’s so active and always involves everyone.”