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Year 6 Transition

Testbourne School’s main feeder schools are Whitchurch Primary (CofE), Overton Primary, St.Mary Bourne Primary, Longparish Primary (CofE) and Barton Stacey Primary. A significant number of pupils also come from Oakley Junior School (CofE). Testbourne works closely with the feeder schools and indeed all schools who send children to us.

In order to help the process of transition from primary to secondary school an Induction Day is organised for the pupils, usually on the first Friday in July. An information evening for parents proceeds this on the Thursday evening. An information pack is given to each family about the Induction day and Testbourne School in general. Information about pupils is gathered to help place them in tutor groups and for English, Maths and Science departments to assign them into appropriate sets.

The purpose of the Induction Day is to give pupils the opportunity to meet members of their new tutor and teaching groups, and to become acquainted with some of Testbourne’s routines. All pupils attending an Induction Day meet together at the start of the day then attend a number of different lessons. They are guided about the school by older pupils. An important part of the day for many pupils comes at the end, when they are gathered together once more and then guided to buses to ensure they know which transport they will be using to and from school.

There will be an opportunities for vulnerable students to visit at other periods alongside Induction Day to aid the transition process. By the start of the new school year in September new pupils have met their tutor group and will know where to gather at the start of the first day. Their tutor will meet them and supply them with a planner, their timetable and a lot of good advice. Tutors spend the beginning of each day with their tutor group, so they build their relationship from the very first day.