The Governing Body has a number of important statutory duties to carry out, is the employer of staff at the school and is responsible for determining the school’s aims and values, for monitoring how it operates and ensuring that it is run in accordance with these aims and values.

More specifically, the Governing Body:

  • Ensures that the school complies with its statutory duties and responsibilities
  • Oversees the school’s strategic direction, policies and objectives – written in the Strategic and School Development Plan (SDP)
  • Reviews the school’s progress against the objectives in the SDP and the budget.
  • Appoints, challenges and supports the Headteacher.

The Chair of Governors, Mrs Penny Horner, can be contacted via the school office.

"The Governing Body is fully involved in the life of the school, providing excellent support and a level of challenge that keeps the school focused on its forward drive" - Ofsted 2010