The school uses Microsoft Teams (which is part of the Office365 suite) as its homework platform.

This platform is entirely web based and can be accessed from any Internet connected device.

To access Microsoft Teams do the following:

  1. Go to: https://testbourne.sharepoint.com/sites/students and login using your school email address and password (the same used to login to the school computers).The Student Portal will load up.
  2. From the Student Portal homepage, click "Microsoft Teams".
  3. Microsoft Teams will now load up. Click "Teams" from the menu on the left and then all of your classes will show.

You can click into these classes to access any assignments (both classwork and homework) as well as any resources that your teacher has made available. You can also access all of your assignments from across all of your classes by clicking "Assignments".

You can also download the Microsoft Teams app on Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices by going to the relevant app store and searching for "Microsoft Teams".