Pastoral Care

At Testbourne School we are committed to the highest quality pastoral care for our students. Our approach is designed to help remove barriers to learning so that students can thrive and develop both academically and socially.

Each Year group has a dedicated Head of Year, leading a team of tutors. There are seven tutor groups per year group. The Heads of Year for the 2021-2022 Academic Year are:

  • Year 7 – Ms Jenkins
  • Year 8 – Mr Alderman
  • Year 9 – Mr Tiley
  • Year 10 – Mrs Harper
  • Year 11 – Miss Yacoby

Working alongside this team we have colleagues who provide additional support. They are:

  • Miss Cartwright - Pastoral Support Assistant
  • Mrs Wheeler – Inclusion Manager
  • Ms Bateman – Counselling and Student Support
  • Mrs Day – Counselling and Whole School Mental Health Lead.
  • Miss Gunning – Attendance Officer.

The work of the team is overseen by Dr Hall, the senior leader in charge of pastoral and safeguarding.

Details on our approach to behaviour management can be found in our Behaviour For Learning policy. To support staff, and to raise awareness with students, as well their parents and carers, we have devised what we refer to as a 'Behaviour Thresholds Chart'.

This is not an exhaustive list of consequences, nor should it be seen as a prescriptive approach. This chart is to provide guidance on what is the most appropriate consequence. The chart helps us ensure that there is a consistency of consequence across all Year groups, with all students.

We do recognise that some students (i.e. those with SEND need or other vulnerabilities) may need some adjustments in the way in which we prepare them for a consequence. We do not lower our expectations and no students are exempt.

Behaviour Thresholds Chart