Headteacher's Welcome and School Ethos

Testbourne Community School is a special place. 

It is a school in the heart of its community whilst having impact across its wide catchment area. I feel very privileged to lead this unique and superb school. The school’s strapline of ‘Achievement, Excellence, Integrity’ is very important to us. We believe in striving for the highest levels of achievement in all our endeavours. We are committed to excellence in teaching, learning, behaviour and all other aspects of school life. Perhaps most importantly, we teach and model the importance of acting with sincerity and integrity. We recognise the importance of good relationships and value both the relationship between staff and students and the relationship between our school and its parents.

At Testbourne we are proud of our promotion of ‘Testbourne Standards of Excellence’. We believe in preparing our students for the future by teaching: 

 ◊  Being kind and respectful
 ◊  Acting with honesty and integrity
 ◊  Having ambition in learning
 ◊  Demonstrating leadership qualities

These values go hand in hand with the highest academic standards. We believe in students trying their best for intrinsic rewards as well as external validation. Our reward system is based around recognition for demonstrating our standards of excellence rather than material gain.

Visitors to the school often remark how calm and orderly a place it is; how pleasant and polite our students are, and how good behaviour is. They are often overwhelmed by how articulate, intelligent and willing to interact our students are. I am very proud of our students, our school and our community and would encourage you to experience our wonderful school for yourself. We welcome any comments and contributions you may wish to make and we always welcome visitors.

Should you wish to find out more about us, we urge you to visit on a normal school day. Staff will be happy to greet you and students will, as always, be delighted to show you around and answer your questions. They always prove to be our best advocates and are so much the embodiment of everything we stand for.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing admin@testbourne.school or by calling 01256 892 061 to arrange a visit.

Mr J Beck