The school provides a comprehensive range of effective policies that provide a sound basis for more detailed actions and give a clear direction to Testbourne School.

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Admission Policy 2023 - 2024
Admission Policy 2024 - 2025
Admission Policy 2025 - 2026
Acceptable Behaviour Policy for Parents and Carers
Anti Bullying Policy
Assessment Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour for Learning Policy
Careers and Enterprise Policy
CCTV Policy
Charging Policy
Child Protection Policy and Guidelines
Complaints Policy 
Data Protection Policy
Drugs Use and Misuse Policy
Early Career Teacher Policy
Educational Visits Policy
Equality Information and Objectives Policy
First Aid Policy
Freedom of Information Policy and Procedures
- FOI Model Publication Scheme
Health and Safety Policy
Home School Agreement
Homework Policy
Lock Down Procedures
Low Level Concerns Policy
Mental Health Policy
Monitoring Evaluation and Review Policy
Permanent Exclusion and Suspension Policy
Privacy Notice – Alumni
Privacy Notice – Governors and Volunteers
Privacy Notice – Job Applicants
Privacy Notice – Parents
Privacy Notice – Parents Own Data
Privacy Notice – Staff
Privacy Notice – Students
Privacy Notice – Suppliers of Goods and Services
Privacy Notice – Visitors
Protection of Children’s Biometric Information Policy
Provider Access Policy
Recruitment Policy
Relationships Sex and Health Education Policy
Safeguarding Policy
School Communication Policy
School Uniform Policy
SEND Policy and Information Report
Student IT Acceptable Usage Policy AUP
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy
Teaching and Learning Policy
Volunteer Policy


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