Pupil Premium & Catch Up Funding

The Pupil Premium Grant is an allocation of money that is given to schools to specifically assist children from low income families or other challenging backgrounds.  Schools receive the Pupil Premium funding to help students who are currently eligible for free school meals (FSM), those who have been eligible within the last six years for FSM, looked after children (LAC), post-looked after children and children who have parents serving in the Armed Forces (SC).

The aim of the Pupil Premium funding is to reduce the gap in attainment between Pupil Premium students and non-Pupil Premium students. Schools have the autonomy to spend the funds as they see fit, whilst being fully accountable to both governors and the Government. Schools are required to publish information on their websites on how the Pupil Premium funding is spent and the impact of the funding.

Number of students eligible for the Pupil Premium 2020-2021

Year Group Pupil Premium Non-Pupil Premium % of Cohort
Year 7 18 168 10%
Year 8 34 156 18%
Year 9 22 168 12%
Year 10 23 163 12%
Year 11 21 163 12%
Total number of PP Students 118 712 13%

How much has Testbourne been assigned for the 2020‐21 financial year?

  Total Received (£)
Pupil Premium FSM/Ever 6 86,905
Service Child 7,230
Post LAC 11,725
Total 105,760

At Testbourne Community School, Mrs Sudds, Deputy Headteacher, has the responsibility for leading and monitoring strategies to reduce the gap in attainment for Pupil Premium students.  Improving the outcomes for Pupil Premium students is a key focus and priority for the whole school.

Pupil Premium School Development Plan 2019-2021

PP Development Plan 2019-2020

Review of PP strategy 2018-2019

PP strategy 2018-2019

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The COVID-19 catch-up premium has been established to mitigate the effects of the unique disruption caused by coronavirus.  The grant will only be available for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Schools should use this funding for specific activities to support students to catch up for lost teaching time over the previous months and in order to support students to access the curriculum.  This could include accessing the National Tutoring Programme, which is another part of the government catch up package.

At Testbourne Community School, Mrs Sudds, Deputy Headteacher, has the strategic responsibility for leading and monitoring our Covid catch-up provision.

Catch-up Premium Spending Report

The government provides an additional literacy and numeracy catch-up premium for pupils coming into year 7 who did not reach the expected standard in reading and maths at the end of KS2. The purpose of this funding is to provide additional support to those students that most need it.  The Catch-up premium funding is used to pay for small group and individual interventions for those students we have identified as needing support.  

Year 7 catch up premium report 2020-2021

Year 7 catch up premium report 2019-2020

Year 7 catch up premium report 2018-2019