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Vision Statement:

We believe that the work we do in the English Department is about enhancing the art of communication. The English department stimulates creativity,  challenging students to develop more sophisticated ways of communicating and expressing themselves. It is through the study of; fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction from across a wide range of sources, that students develop reading, writing and communication skills.

All lessons are delivered by subject specialists. The teachers’ love of their subject is infectious and creates students who, regardless of ability, enjoy the variety in lessons and continue to improve. English is one of the most popular subjects according to the students themselves, and this positive attitude translates into excellent results as one of the highest performing departments.

Staffing List 2020-21

Mr Matthews Head of Department
Ms Chorley Second in English, Head of Key Stage 3 English
Mr Warren Head of English Literature KS4
Mr Banks Teacher of English
Miss Cartridge Teacher of English
Mrs Corio Teacher of English
Mrs Day Teacher of English and Pupil Counsellor
Mrs Evans Teacher of English
Miss Philpott Teacher of English
Miss Redden Teacher of English, i/c Literacy

Curriculum in detail - KS3

In Years 7 and 8 English students study novels, authors, short stories, poetry and plays and non-fiction texts including Shakespeare and other pre 20th century writers from the English Literary Heritage. Students are taught to write in a range of styles for different audiences and purposes. They are encouraged to become confident and articulate speakers and good listeners.

For a term by term curriculum map please click on the following links:

Year 7
Year 8

Curriculum in detail - GCSE

All students study AQA English Literature 8702 and AQA English Language 8700, and students are normally entered for both GCSE English and GCSE English Literature. Attainment is high at both GCSE’s and students are set challenging targets and work across yr9 – 11 to prepare them for successful GCSE entry.

For a term by term curriculum map please click on the following links:

Year 9
Year 10
Year 11

Resources to support my child

At Key Stage 3 we strongly recommend reading to support and encourage your child. The list below is a suggestion.

At Key Stage 4 there are numerous novels to extend and enrich your child. The list below is a suggestion.

Study Guides and Revision Guides

Pupils in Years 10 and Year 11 there are a plethora of guides available for all ranges of ability for both GCSE English Language and English Literature. Below are suggested resources available from Amazon and other vendors. These are constantly being updated. If you are unsure of what to get please email Mr Matthews.

GCSE English Literature

  • 'A Christmas Carol’ Study Guide (ISBN: 9781782943099) £5.77
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Complete Text (ISBN: 1853261211) £2.50
  • ‘An Inspector Calls’ Study Guide (ISBN: 9781841461151) £5.69
  • ‘An Inspector Calls’ Complete Text (ISBN: 9780435232825) £9.69
  • ‘Macbeth’ Study Guide (ISBN: 9781841461168) £5.77
  • ‘Macbeth’ Complete Play (ISBN: 9781841461205) £5.65
  • GCSE AQA English Literature Poetry Guide: Power & Conflict Anthology (ISBN:1782943617) £5.77

GCSE English Language

  • GCSE AQA English Language Revision Guide Targeting grades 6 to 9 (ISBN: 9780198359180) £6.50


  • GCSE AQA English Language Revision Guide Targeting grade 5: (ISBN: 978-0198359197) £6.65

Practice Papers

  • Revise AQA GCSE English Language Practice Papers Beverley Emm (ISBN 978-1-382-00653-8)

How can I support my child at home?

Please encourage your child to read widely! If there are issues regarding work please contact the English teacher in the first instance.

Home learning is often set on Educake and you can check the score of your child and their progress.

Ensure your child is using their revision guides to prepare for literature tests on Macbeth, A Christmas Carol and other set texts.

Check they are doing their homework, ask to see it and is it of sufficient quality!

Encourage the weekly production of mind maps or revision cards, and their notes are of sufficient detail.

If in doubt email the English teacher!


Extra-curricular activities

There are a range of Educational visits and activities planned from The Globe Theatre to trips to see Macbeth and An Inspector Calls. GCSE Poetry Live and other exciting trips are planned throughout KS4. 

Further information

For more details, please contact Mr Matthews, Head of English, at: