First Lego League Competition

"On Wednesday 24 January, we took the minibus to the University of Portsmouth for the First Lego League competition. We had spent weeks diving into the challenge of designing, building, and programming a Lego robot for various missions, like pulling levers or placing Lego people in specific places on the board. It was hard, but we tackled it head-on, facing competition from other local schools. Alongside the robot challenge, we had to also present a PowerPoint presentation that showcased our creative process, and we also made a video that demonstrated our hobbies.

The tournament was amazing! We threw ourselves into the robot mission games and presented our project with enthusiasm. And guess what? The judges loved it! Our efforts paid off big time when we were awarded the Core Values trophy during the closing ceremony. It was a great moment, recognising not just our technical skills but also our exceptional teamwork. The day was filled with excitement!"