Andover College Art and Design Visit

On Friday 9th December two members of the Art and Design department of Andover College came to Testbourne to complete some practical workshops with some of our Year 10 and Year 11 studentsCharmaine Cook (Interim Curriculum Leader Art & Design) and Kelly Runcie (Art and Textiles tutor). Luckily, we were able to have two different workshops going on at the same time across both of our Art rooms.

Kelly ran the art workshops - these were based on vegetable dyes and sample fashion design, she provided all the materials for the workshop which included the dye, fabric, and papers for designs. Charmaine ran an editorial & sequencing workshop, with our Photography students - a brief was discussed, students then completed a photoshoot, and their photos were printed as magazines.

All students worked incredibly well with some exciting outcomes produced, most importantly lots of ideas for projects can be developed in the future.

Charmaine then rounded each session off with an engaging talk to students about studying the various Art & Design subjects at Andover college – she discussed the many varied careers available to Art & Design graduates which included highlighting some of Andover College’s many successful Art alumni and their careers!

We would like to thank Charmaine and Kelly for giving up their time to come and work with us, our teachers and students learnt a lot.