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  • The Great Testbourne Bake Off!

    The Great Testbourne Bakeoff is back! We started with 16 students in week 1 all cooking sausage rolls. The students could choose meat or vegetarian filling and could wrap their sausages rolls in either shortcrust or rough puff pastry.
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  • DofE Award Celebrations 2022

    24 Testbourne students were presented with Bronze DofE Award certificates and badges by the Mayor of Whitchurch, Councillor Tracy Woodruff, during a celebration evening on Thursday 5 th May. The students signed up for the DofE Award and began their training in January 2021, with a whole term of online meetings due to lockdown and in-person meetings being against the rules. More than 30 of the original group persevered, completing their training in navigation, First Aid and camping skills, and starting new activities and volunteering outside school as part of the Award.
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  • Testbourne at the 'Superstars Competition'

    Testbourne won the area 'Superstars' competition at QMC today beating all 10 schools present!  The students Mrs Vallance took were an absolute credit to the school and gave 110%, competing in 7 events. All students who went performed exceptionally well but some notable performances were: 
    Dan 1 st  place
    Poppy 1 st  place
    Sophie 1 st  place
    Isaac 2 nd  place
    Gemma 2 nd  place
    Holly 3 rd  place
    Georgie 3 rd  Place
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  • Personal Development Information Evening

    Please see below a recording of our Personal Development Information LIVE Evening, which was held on the 27th April 2022.
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  • Year 9 Options Information Evening 2022

    On Wednesday 26 th January 2022, we hosted our Year 9 Options Information LIVE Evening. During the session, Dr Wilson guided parents through the process of helping their child choose their GCSE options and provided a timeline of key dates for the GCSE Options process. It was also an opportunity for the Head of Year 9, Mr Tiley, to say hello and a few welcoming words.
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  • Year 10 Information Evening 2022

    On Wednesday 19 th January, we hosted our Year 10 Curriculum Information LIVE Evening. It was an opportunity to meet Mrs Harper, Head of Year 10 who joined us some time ago but hasn’t yet had the opportunity to speak directly to parents. We also had presentations from Mr Roll, Head of Mathematics, Dr Wilson, Head of Science and Assistant Headteacher and Mr Matthews, Head of English who summarised their GCSE courses.
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  • TCS Open Evening 2021 Update

    Thank you all who attended our Open Evening 2021 event. Below is a small selection of photos of the activities that took place.
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  • TCS Open Evening 2021

    Save the date! Testbourne Community School hosts their 2021 Open Evening Event on the 23rd of September! Everyone is invited to this walk-in event which will have activities, tours and a Head Teacher Talk.
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  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Training Expedit

    Sun, rain and plenty of adventures at the weekend in the New Forest on the DofE training expedition! Five teams of year 10s spent two days walking and camping – most got stuck in bogs, got a bit lost (but found themselves again) and saw some wildlife along the way. Saturday evening at the campsite was full of amazing camp cooking, playing volleyball with a football and much more.
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