Work Experience Week 2023

Whilst our Year 10s are out gaining real work experiences, developing a multitude of skills across many different industries, we have a week packed full of speakers and activities taking place for our Key Stage 3 year groups. 


Today was the first day of our Work Experience Week 2023!

Today we have had Jon Creswell, Charlotte Clarke and Leanne White all visit the school to give a presentation to our Year 9s. They all spoke about their careers - including their history, responsibilities and skills gained along the way. 

We have also had a student gaining some journalist experience today and covered the events taken play today, as well as doing his own photography to go along side his article. To give it a read, please follow the link below:

Work Experience Week 2023 Monday - Lee H.docx


Day 2 of Testbourne Careers week we were privileged to be joined by local Whitchurch musician Jon Wilkes, and market designer Faye Brown.

Jon was able to share with our students his journey to becoming a musician and the varied and interesting career he has led. A talented musician, John was able to tell us about the Whitchurch musical folk scene.

From a family of musicians and Morris dancers, Jon’s real love of music began at school playing the guitar; his first guitar being of cheap quality of which the neck fell off!  Jon studied English at university and began his career as a music journalist.  He released an album, which was voted ‘Album of the Month’, by The Guardian, and he now has his own podcast on Radio 2 with Mark Radcliffe.

Jon emphasised the importance of doing ‘something you love at the core of your career and then finding  other things that are connected to this’  ‘Being Brave’ was also a key message shared - take opportunities out of your comfort zone and persevere in all that you do.

Find out more about Jon on his website:


As we went into the afternoon our second guest, Faye Brown, one of our Yr7 parents, is a Freelance Graphic Designer who has had 10 years of Animation experience before she has become Freelance. She lives in Whitchurch and designed the Overton Primary School logo. She does a lot of logo work now, including the ‘Whitchurch in bloom’ logo and Hampshire Fitness Centre.

She spoke about her experience working in Graphic Design and Branding industry. When Faye left school, she studied graphic design and in her final year of degree she entered the national D&AD student awards to rebrand the London Fire Brigade. Her design came second in the category and ignited her love for branding.

For the first 10 years of her career Faye worked in Soho, London for the hive, VTR, Liquid TV and Prime Focus as a motion graphics designer. Her clients included BBC, The Discovery Channel and O2. She then went freelance and worked for ITV quite regularly among others. 

Faye spoke the the differences of working for a business vs working freelance and "being your own boss", as well as the challenges and rewards that come with each.

Find out more about Faye on her website:

Today we had two community officers who came in this morning to talk about their role and what roles are available in the police; there was a long Q&A where students were able to ask questions, which had some very creative questions such as "have you ever had to use your baton on someone" and "what happens to the illegal drugs and guns that you take from a criminal". It was great to see the interaction between the students and the speakers during the Q&A - a testimony to the Testbourne Standards of Excellence.

This morning we welcomed Judith Moule from ASK Apprenticeship and Ruth, a current apprentice at Boeing, to speak to Year 8 & 9. Judith focused on the various pathways students can take and how this could lead them to an Apprenticeship. She highlighted how career paths will change over time and how companies fund students to study for a degree whilst in employment, and the benefits this brings in a competitive market.

Ruth, a 23 year old female aircraft maintenance apprentice, spoke of her experience on the apprenticeship, the interview process, her day to day role and her forever developing passion for engineering whilst working at Boeing.

For further information on apprenticeship see Amazing Apprenticeships and Boeing: Boeing UK - Graduates, apprentices and internships.

During the day, we had career work shops happening in our Mathematics class, as well as our Drama class. These workshops exposed students to a variety of professions within one subject, empowering them to explore different career paths and discover their passions. With hands-on activities, industry expert speakers, and practical insights, these workshops provided invaluable guidance for future career choices.