Contact Procedure for Parents

Recommended Contact Procedure for Parents and Guardian

Our aim is to resolve any issues or inquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can help us to do this by following the procedures outlined in this document. We do not profess to get things right all the time but are keen to receive feedback, positive or negative, to help us to improve.

When you contact the school, it is important that you use our escalation routes, explained below. This will help us to triage inquiries and to ensure that you are in contact with the person who is best placed to help you.

If you copy the Headteacher into a message, he will not respond directly but you should hear from the member of staff that you sent the email to in due course. If you do not hear from the member of staff within 3 school days, please follow the escalation route below to let us know.

If you send an email to the Headteacher directly, outside of our escalation route, he will delegate this communication to the person best placed to help you. If you do not hear from someone within 3 school days, please contact the Headteacher again to let him know.
Please note that it is not possible to fast track an enquiry by copying in a senior member of staff, governors, the Local Authority, Ofsted, the DfE or your local MP. All these groups delegate responses to the school or appropriate person in the school unless an escalation route has been followed.

By speaking to the correct person, we can be more efficient in dealing with your inquiry and help to resolve any issues you may have.
Please use the routes in the charts below. If you do not know the email address or name of the person you want the email to go to, please just write “FAO <teacher name or position>” in the subject line. Your enquiry will get to the write person when your email is reviewed.

For all enquiries, apart from safeguarding matters, use

For safeguarding matters, use as this will then be relayed to the whole safeguarding team to ensure that the message gets to someone with the correct expertise.

Children or adults can report bullying by using or by filling in the form here: Bullying Alert 

In your email, please give a subject line that helps us to understand where best to direct your enquiry and enough information to establish what you are emailing about and who you have previously spoken to.

What parents can expect from the school’s communications.pdf

Escalation routes: