Travel to School

Buses provided by the County Council run to the school from Barton Stacey via Longparish and Hurstbourne Priors, from St Mary Bourne and Overton.

Taxis are also provided by the County Council for some pupils depending on the home address. County only provides free transport for pupils who are in catchment area and live more than three miles from the school.

It is parents’ responsibility to ascertain whether they are eligible for free transport and to liaise with HCC Passenger Transport to make arrangements.

To apply online, please follow this link:

The school organises transport from the Oakley area, the cost of which is met by the parents. The service is provided by Mortons of Tadley and consists of a high quality double decker coach with seat belts and CCTV. The cost is currently in the region of £710 per annum and is linked to pupil numbers and the cost charged by the coach contractors. Most parents opt to pay for this by monthly standing order. The offer of a place at the school does not guarantee a place on the Oakley bus; places will be allocated in the order applications for transport are received.

The right to a place is also dependent on good conduct. Pupils will be expected to sign an Acceptable Behaviour Contract. If a pupil misbehaves on any of the school buses then their right to travel will be withdrawn ~ temporarily or, if necessary, permanently. Please ask the school for more specific advice concerning routes and rates if required.

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